The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 65

A core value of the CBO is to provide industry best practices for cloud migration, development, operations, security, and governance, ensuring the success of your cloud transformation. This means we have a set of shared processes that take place to solve common cloud problems. For instance, leveraging an enterprise-wide security framework that lives up to best practices, as well as a standard set of enterprise-wide security mechanisms. The CBO’s ability to provide a decision-making and governing body for cloud use within the enterprise eliminates the need to go through layers of leadership and organizations each and every time we need to make a decision around the use of cloud-based resources. For example, the ability to select a public cloud provider for a set of workloads in just a week, versus having scads of meetings that may take months to get to the end state decision. The CBO also alleviates the issue of non-qualified personnel making decisions they are ill-equipped to make. The CBO is often confused with a Center of Excellence or Program Management Office, which are common within enterprises these days. The CBO provides a resource for best practices and project control, and it has the ability to integrate these concepts into actual execution of cloudbased migrations, and system development. One can compare the concepts of a CBO with those of Agile and DevOps, which focus on doing rather than understanding and planning. Continuous Compliance Continuous Compliance provides a single source of truth across governance, risk and compliance. In other