The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 45

really. It is Apple’s proprietary way of doing things within its own ecosystem. As such, developers and hardware manufacturers can either choose to join the club or stay outside of its walled garden. HomeKit devices are actually shipping, and nothing drives a standard more than real products on the shelves. But Apple controls the HomeKit ecosystem and gets to approve which products can use it. IoT developer’s dilemma: How to choose? If you’re a developer and need to select an IoT standard upon which to build, which should you follow? That might not be the right question. It all comes down to defining your requirements and then looking for a standard that will enable them, regardless of whether you’re defining a device, a communications mechanism, or a centralized resource. The larger question is, What problems do these standards solve? There are too many standards today, and many of them are redundant. So how will it all play out? Not all of these standards are going to make it, and no one wants to bet on the wrong horse. As with the VHS-versus-Betamax videocassette standards battle, you risk committing to a standard and that ends up being a loser. So should you wait? Not necessarily. The standards shouldn’t lead you, but you should examine each [H[YH][܈[\\X][ۋ܈^[\K[\]X\YY[][X]K[HZY\[XH[\[][X][ۜ]\[HY]\HۙK]\H\[\[Y[\H[]܈و[BHX[\\[ YHݚY\&HX[XYH[\]\H\[Y\[Y[HH[\[H[\[\ˈ[H[HZYH[H8'[\8'H]^HܙX]H[۝ ]X^H\H[HH^H[X[\]B[\^\K[ܝ[][K[H[&]Z]܈H[[[\[Y\N[HYYZ[[\[\ˈY[BZ] [x&\HZ[HZ\H[] [X]]\^N[x&\HZ[[\܈]X\]\B^[Xx%]\X\\XH]H]\]K\[\YYK[H[[XZHH\KBY[][\[ܙHX][[^Y]H\[[H]X\]\X]H[\ۙ[[^Y[[Y[H[۝ []\K[\۸&]X]\]X [HZY[\YH][\\HH\X[ۂHHX[؛[\][HYYK[\Z[HZYH\HH] [\š]HݚYYY\[܈[[BۙH[Uݙ\HYX\] ܈H[\ ^B]H[Y\ۈH\[H]][]\[›]X[YKH؛[H][[\•HY\[[H\]\H\H[\H›X[H\][[[\ˈ[[X][KHܙX][ۈو[[\]Y[[\\›ٙ\\H[Z]Y[Y]ˈ]\[[[H\B[H[YH[\ۈ\]Z\[Y[܈Z[[˜[\Z[[\[\˂]Y\[ۜ][HYY\[\[]][YB[YN(H][YH\H][[\[^B[\X][ۏ¸(H]\HH\و\[HXYXœ[\¸(H]\HH\و]\Y[H[\][[X][HZ[¸(H[H]H[][H[\ [ Y]\H\[YܙYHوYX[H܂\X\][‘۸&][[ݙH]ۙH܈[\\X\B[H[YK\[\[H[YHXX[\[\[HۜY\] [܈H\]܂[\YYˈ\[[ۈ[\\]Z\[Y[][[[HY]\H\X[ۈX^HHHYYXK܈ˈ[[X][K[و\H\][œ[\۸&]\]K[Y[HZ]܈[[[\[Y\K[x&[Z\]ۈX\]ܝ[]Y\˂S MHT ‚