The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 36

Prototype and Learn Before beginning the full development of your solution, create use cases that inform wireframes and visual designs. it is important to optimize for velocity and capture relevant learning into each step of the process. • Design UIs for onboarding, first-time-use, critical path(s), visualized data view and other meaningful workflows. Measure Validate internally and test externally through a focus on quick and frequent feedback from client and internal team members. • Create multiple versions of clickable prototypes for user feedback. • Test user interaction continuously to optimize engagement. Your customers hold the key to digital innovation success. The best companies don’t over-market or rely on hard-sell tactics or promotions to drive adoption. Instead, they integrate XD to deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers and get rewarded with loyalty and affinity. 3. Accelerate Time to Value with Pre-built Components and Approaches It is well known that the least expensive function to write and maintain is the one reused from another tried and tested project. As discussed in the first principle (starting with a solid cloud foundation), the hyper-scale cloud vendors provide many pre-built services that can be used to accelerate time to market. There are other ways to accelerate time to value through the use of pre-existing functionality. Code frameworks, open source components and a community of third-party tools and solutions are all available to make it easier to focus on coding the functions that truly matter and that support the user experience defined in the second principle (making experience design the focus). At CTP we have been investing in both technologies and methodologies to accelerate cloud innovation and adoption since 2010. Software tooling and IP have had a huge impact on the success of clients in their cloud initiatives, and will continue to play a significant role in our services going forward. First, we have developed IP that provides the core capabilities that all digital solutions and SaaS applications need. This includes multi-tenant administration of users, orgs, permissions and subscriptions which saves clients time and money, and decreases time to market for new cloud-based applications. By leveraging this IP for core user and tenant services, enterprises, ISVs, and product companies can focus on the business value and functionality needed to compete in the market. Innovation Central features: • Common Capabilities for Multiple Modules, Products and Applications Our IP provides a common platform for rapidly deploying and managing 34 | THE DOPPLER | FALL 2016