The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 33

Cloud Design and Implementation Not only are applications in the cloud built differently, the cloud itself is a far different environment than traditional data centers. Whether you are a large enterprise or an emerging growth company, getting your cloud implementation right is critical to the operational fidelity of your innovation program. Economics and Cost Management - Cloud computing can provide significant savings, but failing to plan and manage your cloud environment can result in a loss of those savings. Security and Governance - Applying existing security controls to a cloud environment is difficult, and many of your existing tools will not work at all. Automation and Infrastructure Management - Unlike most traditional data centers, all of the services in the cloud are exercisable via APIs, which enables full end-to-end automation of your environment if you know how to take advantage of it. Scaling and Operations - If your digital innovation initiative is successful, you may quickly find that traditional models for scaling and operations won’t keep pace. Over the course of hundreds of cloud implementations, we have learned what it takes to build and operate an effective cloud environment. We have identified 10 cloud adoption best practices for large enterprise cloud transformation initiatives, many of which are directly relevant to your digital initiative as well. The Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) is one of the most important of the 10 best practices. Based on the concept of the Minimum Viable Product, the MVC is the starting point for your first production cloud and a platform that you will iterate and improve as you migrate to the cloud. Standard considerations found in the MVC approach include: • Logging and Monitoring (centralized) • Identity Access Management (IAM) • Encryption Tools and Key Management • Security Services such as IPS/IDS/WAF • InfoSec (Security Operations Center) • Image Management and Repositories • Automation and Templates (e.g. Chef, CloudFormation, etc.) • Networking Services to On-Prem Resources • Financial Controls, Chargeback and Billing When preparing your cloud environment to host your cloud-native digital solution, the MVC approach will ensure a solid foundation that will grow and scale with your business. FALL 2016 | THE DOPPLER | 31