The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 3

The Doppler Effect Have you ever heard of the tipping point? It multi-cloud). The added complexity makes is when we seem to do more of something governance and management in multi- to a point we become overwhelmed. That is cloud environments critical. what is going on in the world of cloud computing right now. Better Cloud Economics So what is the cloud’s tipping point? It is the ity for financial metrics on cloud environ- point when the number of cloud services, ments. Companies are ill equipped to com- workloads, and datasets, get too cumber- pare current data center costs with some to control manually. projected cloud savings and thus, unable to While many argue about where the tipping point is, for most it is between 100 and 500 Today, enterprises lack end-to-end visibil- analyze historical trends as a comparison and predictor of future savings. cloud applications, cloud services, or data Real-time Compliance Monitoring sets residing in the cloud. Your tipping Managing ongoing compliance in the cloud point is something you do not want to find is a monumental task and most enterprises after the fact. lack a holistic view of their regulatory and Preparing for the tipping point means automating things you’ve yet to automate and setting up stringent governance and compliance services. So, what is the reasoning behind this? Improved Security Cloud security breaches happen weekly, and take prominent place in national news. Fortunately, the right governance and compli- corporate compliance posture. Furthermore, today’s compliance processes and tools were designed for data centers, and can’t keep up with the rapid evolution of cloud environments. On page 56 we discuss these considerations in depth, and explore how new managed services solutions are helping enterprises thrive after their tipping point. ance strategy improves security and reduces The call to action is for you to prepare for risk. your tipping point now. This means placing Streamlined Decision Making The lack of a permanent decision-making and governing body results in a great deal of latency in the time it takes to make the decisions necessary to adopt cloud at scale. Simplifying Multi-Cloud the tools and automation within your cloud computing solution to insure that security, compliance, and control of cloud services are in place to allow you to scale. If you find your tipping point next year, let us know. We’ll make sure it doesn’t tip back. Most enterprises are actively deploying multi-cloud environments with varying degrees of success (see page 76 for our rec- David Linthicum ommendations on how best to approach SVP, Cloud Technology Partners FALL 2016 | THE DOPPLER | 1