The Doppler Quarterly Fall 2016 - Page 21

and must be maintained to ensure the legal compliance of the organization. Organizational Reporting – Organizational reporting workloads are commonly exposed through KPIs that management uses to measure company performance. These workloads are often a good fit for a cloud EDW because they are run at scheduled times during the day and have a uniform data set, which they analyze for each execution of the jobs. Sustained – Sustained workloads are commonly used by company management during the day for gathering reports and checking into key indicators for CRM, customer satisfaction, call center reporting and other metrics used to drive more tactical business decisions. Variable – Variable workloads are those operational and financial reporting activities that an organization can plan for, although they do not continuously use EDW resources. These workloads are commonly used for planning sales teams’ compensation and sales territories. Such workloads are good fits for cloud EDW. Business Unit Specific – Business Unit workloads are commonly workloads that are part of a departmental data mart, or provide organization specific reporting. These are often the first workloads to move to cloud EDW, because individual departments are less dependent on corporate IT and have complete access to their own data sets. The above categories help to define the lowest risk, easiest technical use cases and workloads to migrate to HYQˈ\[]X[ZYܘ][ۈ[ݚYBHZ[[][H\X[]Y\[XHH]\HZYܘ][ۈو\H\\]Y\XX[YY[\˂[ݚ[[Q]ܛH[HY[\]\[[\ܝ[\Yۈ[ZYܘ][ۈۜY\][ۜ˂\H\H^H[\[]HQ[[ۘ[]H[ݙYHY\œX[[\H[Yܘ]Y]ܚY][^Hۈ[Z\K[]۝[YH\Z[[Z^Y XXوH[]YܚY\[۝X]H][H\]\]X\H܈HY\YQ[]\Z[[H[ܚ]HوܚY][[ݙHHY [ݙ[Y[و]HHY8$[ݚ[]H]Y[X[]Y\\XX[H][YK[HH[YKXۜ[Z[\ˈ[ZYܘ][[Q]\š[\ܝ[Y[HH]H][[Y\X\K]\ۛX]]H[H[XY܈]H[ݙ[Y[ [HڙXY[HX\][HZ[܈H]HZYܘ][ۈ[YH[Y\˂]H[Yܘ][ۈ X\8$[ݙ[Y[HY[\]Z\HU\\˜[]HH^[Y^[ۙHۋ\[Z\H[\[Y[][ۋU[H[Y]Y܈Y\][ۋ\ܝ[\X]\\܂[Yܘ][ۈ]Y []]HQXY\˂]H[]8$]H[ݙ[Y[HHYݚY\ۋ\[Z\H\[[Y\]ZXHY]H\[ݙYYXY[KX]\BYݚY\\H܈]HYܙ\U\\[]HZYܘ][ۈ]\S MHT NB