The Docket March 2019 - Page 9

12 T H C I RC U I T N E W S New lactation room coming to Sarasota courthouse By BROOKE HARTMAN FAWL S arasota FAWL is working dili- gently to breathe more life into its mission of promoting gender equality by implementing State FAWL’s Courthouse Lactation Room Project and its initiative to establish lactation rooms in all courthouses across Florida. Courthouse person- nel at the Judge Lynn M. Silver- tooth Judicial Center are working hand-in-hand with Sarasota FAWL Committee Members to establish a room dedicated to nursing mothers in our local Sarasota Courthouse. The new lactation room will be located in Room 704. It will allow nursing mothers to have a private and comfortable space to take care of breast pumping needs while away at work. According to the American Bar Association, women make up 36% of the legal profession and 38% of the attorneys in Florida are women. With nearly 50% of law students in Florida being women, the number of female attorneys is predicted to climb. The need for these lactation rooms is prevalent. When a new mother is away from her baby for a period of time, she needs to express milk to keep her supply regulated. The amount of milk produced depends on a process of supply and demand. In order for a lactating mother to keep a regular The new lactation room will allow nursing mothers to have a private and comfortable space to take care of breast pumping needs while away at work. supply for her baby, she needs to regularly express milk throughout the day. Women litigators in the past have reported having to pump in their hot car, a bathroom stall, and if allowed, in a judge’s chambers. With a significant number of women in the field of law and the impor- tance of being able to breast pump throughout the day, this initiative is of the upmost importance.  To help Sarasota FAWL bring this initiative to life for our local female attorneys who are new mothers, and to provide them with the necessities and comfort they need while pump- ing upon returning to work, we are seeking donations to include items such as the following: • Gliding chair/recliner and otto- man  • Side Tables  • Lamps • Refrigerator for storing breast milk • Microwave • Breast pump sterilizing/cleaning supplies • Breast milk storage bags • Sharpies/pens • Storage bins • Blankets  • Changing station • Trash cans and diaper pails  • Baby wipes • Clorox wipes • Tissues • Hand sanitizer/hand soap and towels • Decorations • White board/message board • Mirror • Magazine rack • Extension cord • White noise machine  In lieu of donating the items above, monetary donations can also be made to FAWL so Committee Members can purchase these items necessary to promote successful milk expression and to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for our hardworking new moms.  To make your donation, please contact Sarasota FAWL President, Jessica Farrelly at jfarrelly@icard- ; or Lactation Room Committee Members: Nicole Price at ; and Brooke Hartman at brooke@hartmanbizlaw. com . FAWL will also be collecting donations at the upcoming Health & Wellness Event, “A Prescription to Save Your Life” presented by Dr. Chippy Nalluri at Michael’s on East on March 25, 2019. We hope to see you there and we thank you for your support! S C BA N E W S Save the Date for these upcoming Bar events Baseball Outing Barristers’ Ball Orioles vs. Red Sox Administrative Professionals’ Day Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Team Trivia Saturday, May 4, 2019 Ed Smith Stadium Wednesday, April 24, 2019 Selby Gardens 5:00 p.m. Michael’s on East 5:30 p.m. Kentucky Derby Style 12:00-1:00 p.m. The Docket · March 2019 9