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L AW W E E K FREE so important they were included in the First Amendment to our Consti- Continued from Page 1 tution, and they continue to evolve discussion of important legal topics. with our society and technology Law Week is the Sarasota County some two hundred and thirty years Bar Association’s annual celebration later. of Law Day in America, and we The Sarasota County Bar have set up an exciting program Association’s celebration of Law Day for our local fifth grade students to is known as Law Week. This year, perform for our volunteers. Law Week is scheduled Continue reading for more before Law Day and will information about our Law begin on Monday, April 15. Week program and check During Law Week, local out the enclosed flyer for a fifth grade students present list of participating schools a scripted mock trial and and volunteer information discuss the issues with and registration. local attorneys. Practicing Law Day has been an and retired attorneys annual event for many volunteer to observe the years in America. In 1958, Fletcher student presentations and President Dwight D. Rush, Esq. then lead a discussion on Eisenhower recognized that Williams the case and the theme the world “no longer ha[d] Parker of Law Day. Classroom a choice between force and presentations normally law” and proclaimed that last 60-90 minutes and are May 1 would be known done in each participating as Law Day. President Eisenhower fifth grade classroom. Although and past American Bar Association state-wide testing in the schools President Charles S. Rhyne were the caused this year’s celebration to not visionaries for what has become a overlap with Law Day nationwide, nation-wide celebration of the rule we will still highlight the national of law. May 1 was previously known celebration of Law Day and as May Day in remembrance of the encourage volunteers to discuss the struggles that workers experienced importance of free speech, free press, fighting for better wages and and free society with our students. working conditions. Since the change If you are interested in to Law Day in the late 50s, May 1 volunteering for Law Week this year, is now a nationwide opportunity to please see the enclosed flyer for more educate adults and children about information. We look forward to important legal topics. Across the another great program this year. country, local bar associations celebrate Law Day by hosting legal speakers, and volunteers educate students about the importance of the law. Find us on Facebook L aw Day has been a tradition for over 60 years, and in more recent years the American Bar Associ- ation has announced a theme for Law Day. This year’s theme is “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” The theme focuses on these corner- stones of representative government, and calls on us to understand and protect these rights to ensure, as the U.S. Constitution proposes, “the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.” This year’s theme highlights an idea that is part of the bedrock of our nation, a concept crafted by our Founding Fathers as part of the Bill of Rights to protect the sovereign people of a free society. These fundamental rights, which are too often taken for granted, were Want to be reminded of upcoming SCBA events while you scroll through Facebook? How about a glimpse of past events you missed? Maybe even some local legal news and events? Please “like” our Facebook page to receive future updates and photos by clicking here: CLERK’S CORNER Five tips to optimize your use of ClerkNet W illiam Penn said “Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.” Penn recognized that time is important to all of us and that we should use it wisely. ClerkNet is the Clerk’s solution for efficient online access to court records for Sarasota County. Imagine if Penn had a system like ClerkNet at his disposal! Many of you are already regular users of ClerkNet. However, we may be able to help you save even more time by sharing the tips below. n For optimum viewing, please verify that your web browser and PDF viewing applications are up to date. n Ensure your ClerkNet registration is current. If you have not registered you are not using ClerkNet to its fullest potential. Although anon- ymous users (not registered) do CLERK’S have access, it is limited. By regis- tering you will have greater access CORNER to cases and the documents within. To register visit www.sarasotaclerk. com and click the button titled Court Records ClerkNet. Click on New User Registration, which will bring you to the registration page. You will be presented with profile options. Once you select your profile, follow the prompts to complete registration. The profiles Karen E. offered are promulgated by the Rushing Supreme Court of Florida, Admin- Clerk of Court istrative Order AOSC18-16. and County n Searching is the key to getting Comptroller to the information you want in ClerkNet. Searching by case number alone is the most efficient way to locate cases of interest. When searching by party names, if the last name is less than four characters an exact match will be made. If you are unsure of the spelling of the party name, try entering what you think may be the first four letters. This will produce a listing of possible matches for you to review. n Cases within ClerkNet are limited to cases filed after 2001 and any cases with an active status of open or reopened (regardless of the case filed date). If you need access to cases that fall outside of these param- eters, please contact the Clerk’s Public Access staff at 941-861-7425 or n Perhaps one of the most useful features, from an attorney’s perspective, offered in ClerkNet is the “Subscribe to Email Alerts” functionality. This feature is found on the case summary page after you have selected and opened a case. The subscribe button is located in the upper left corner. Opting to subscribe will send notification emails any time an update to the prog- ress docket is made. This notification provides you with timely updates on the cases you have subscribed to. By using these tips your ability to navigate quickly and efficiently to the information you want will result in saving you time. William Penn would have been pleased by this. The Docket · March 2019 15