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N E W S O F N OT E n Walters Levine & Lozano is pleased to announce that Heather A. DeGrave and Thomas C. Valentine have become partners of the firm. DeGrave practices in the areas of construction, collections and business litigation. Valentine practices in the areas of commercial and construction litigation and insurance disputes. n Williams Parker attorney Erin Hope Christy participated in Teen Court of Sarasota’s inaugural Making HERstory event on March 29. The panel discussion, moderated by Joey Panek of ABC 7’s Suncoast View, included Christy as well as Christine Robinson of The Argus Foundation, and Tonya Willis Pitts of McIntyre Thanasides. n Williams Parker recently published its eighth edition of Requisite, the firm’s thought-leadership publication offering insights on legal issues. The current edition focuses on various issues and challenges encountered by business owners and senior executives within the private sector. n Jennifer Fowler-Hermes , a labor and employment attorney with Williams Parker, recently participated in a panel discussion hosted by Sarasota Tiger Bay Club titled The Business of Marijuana. The panel, moderated by Kevin Cooper, CEO of The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, focused on how Sarasota will implement medical marijuana into the community. n Carmen R. Gillett, Esq. , of Carmen R. Gillett PLLC, was recently retained by the Swedish government to represent a Swedish citizen in a child abduction case, pursuant to the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The case was filed by Gillett on January 5 in Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida. The hearing was held on February 9, and the child, who had been wrongfully removed CLASSIFIED ADS 2389 Ringling Blvd., 1,215 sq. ft. professional office. Excellent location, parking. $2,000 per month gross rent (includes CAM and R.E. taxes). Available. Call (941) 954-0303 18 The Docket · April 2017 from his habitual residence in Sweden and was living in Bradenton, was ordered to be returned home to Sweden immediately; he was flown to Stockholm on February 11. Gillett is privileged and honored to be one of only 30 Florida lawyers with membership in the International Academy of Family Lawyers, a worldwide association of practicing lawyers who are recognized by their peers as the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries. Gillett is grateful for the translation services provided by attorney Hanna M. Simonson of Harrison & Kirkland, P.A. in Bradenton. n Williams Parker is pleased to announce it has appointed shareholder Peter T. Currin to lead the firm’s real estate practice. Currin succeeds shareholder Patrick W. Ryskamp, who has served in the role since 2010. n Transaction and Litigation Real Estate attorney Nancy E. Cason and Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Law attorney F. Scott Westheimer have been named Managing Partners for the Sarasota law firm of Syprett, Meshad, Resnick, Lieb, Dumbaugh, Jones, Krotec & Westheimer, P.A. Both attorneys hold the AV Preeminent rating, the highest possible rating from the Martindale- Hubbell Peer Review Ratings. n E. John Wagner II , a shareholder with Williams Parker, recently participated as a panelist in an American Bar Association Section of Taxation webinar regarding techniques to sell land or air rights to a real estate developer and receive back finished condominiums from the same project tax-free. n Michael P. Infanti has been named a Partner of Norton, Hammersley, Lopez & Skokos, P.A. Mr. Infanti is a member of the Real Estate Practice Group. His experience includes the representation of individuals, developers and landowners in the acquisition, sale, development and leasing of condominiums in Florida. Our offices are located at 1819 Main Street, Suite 610, Sarasota, FL 34236. Email your “News of Note” items to E - D I S C OV E RY • PA RT 3 TECH Continued from Page 15 from another source or in another manner that is more convenient, less burdensome, or less expensive; or the court may undertake a proportionality analysis using the following factors: • the needs of the case, • the amount in controversy, • the parties’ resources, • the importance of the issues at stake in the action, and • the importance of the discovery in resolving the issues. The Evolution of E-Discovery Jurisprudence Whether state or federal, courts deciding motions on e-discovery related issues rely heavily upon guidance put forth by The Sedona Conference (Sedona). Sedona is a non-partisan and consensus-based think-tank for cutting-edge issues, including the preservation and production of e-discovery. For well over a decade, Sedona’s publications have nearly single-handedly shaped e-discovery jurisprudence around the country. In short order, Sedona’s positions tend to become law. In fact, courts routinely adopt Sedona’s guidance verbatim. Unfortunately, there is a palpable imbalance in the membership of Sedona. While a number of prestigious judges are members, the membership otherwise skews very heavily toward in-house counsel for the largest corporations, “big-law” firms, and discovery vendors. Very few plaintiffs’ attorneys are involved. Further, most of the firms represented only practice complex litigation. Forgotten among this group are the largest chunk of lawyers and firms out there — those who represent individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. This is not to imply some nefarious intent by Sedona. The problem is simply that most small to medium-sized firms and most plaintiff firms are not built to invest money and time in organizations like Sedona. We are too busy staying on top of our everyday workload and too focused on keeping on the lights. Meanwhile, the firms and corporations more able to invest enjoy the benefits of shapi H]\Hو\XXKYH[H\HX]][H^H[H]][ۂوHXXHو]H]\Y\[[ˈB]\H\\YXZHۙ]\H[\Y[[\ٙ\[ۈH][[Y[ܙ[^][ۜX\”YۘK][XY\H\X\ۈKY\ݙ\KY[\[\\[\\XHو]\Y[\]YY H\H[BXYH[Y[YۘH\H]K][\XBHX\ [[\H]H]][ۈوKY\ݙ\B\\Y[KX[\X]\H]][ۈوB[\HXXHو]\^YHH[\\ق[\Y[[\\K[[\XXH\X\˂BY\ݙ\H\\Z[HH\^\YKH\Y\™\\Y[\ \\\Y\\[Hܘ]B\XK]\[\[[KY\ݙ\H\^[ۙ[\ܘ\ ݙ\[ HXYX][B[[KY\ݙ\H\Y\\]HHX]B[][ۜ\][[[[H[ܛYYX]H\\ [JHو[ܛX][ۈ][HYZ›܈]\YH[\Y[ X\H[][X][ۂ\ܚ]X[ Y[H]H[H]Y\[ۜ][ X\H\]]HXX]YH]\^YYX]Y\˘K