The Docket April 2017 - Page 11

SOUTH COUNTY DIVISION South County courthouse gets OK to proceed G reetings from South County! It’s that time of year when we are all looking forward to being able to go to our favorite restaurants, get from point A to point B or go out to the beach without hordes of tourist and spring breakers descending upon us. But, for a lot of us, it is also our busiest time of the year, which is a good thing. Hang in there — summer is just around the corner! Things are moving along quite well in South County. The County Commission voted to proceed with the construction of a new courthouse building at the R.L Anderson site and approved the funding of the initial design work, which should commence shortly. A big thank- you to everyone who has helped SOUTH COUNTY PRESIDENT’S COLUMN Stephen K. Boone, Esq. Boone, Boone, Boone & Koda, P.A. move this process along and I would encourage you to continue to encourage our County Commission- ers when you get the opportunity, to make sure this does not fall to the back burner. During March and April we are having a series of “brown bag” lunch meetings with Judges Don Hall and Kimberly Bonner to make sure everyone is on the same page proce- durally with our full South County Circuit Civil Division. We held a very successful and entertaining clay shoot in March and will be hosting another happy hour social event on April 18 at the Wine Bar & Bistro in Englewood. Y’all Northerners are always welcome to attend our social functions — they are quite entertain- ing and, in this instance, you would get a chance to come to beautiful Englewood. That’s all for r( fRvBF6VRb6fB&r76R@V&Ɨ6fRFRFFP$#pW"66&V6&@vR&"b&7G&VvWv@S3( 2s3b#p44BV&W'6V6VfVWF&fW"6V #( 2FV6w4R6VFV@44TU2e$U"T5%Dr42UdT@( %U4^( Ф6FVVBg&vR'WB6W'B6FW7F6R66W2b6VƖrW&B"66'F6RbFR6W'FW6RF 2&'&VB'7W&VF&R67B6r66W72FFR6W'G2f"W 6ƖVG2&W6v2W2FƗfR66WGvW&RFRfvr66W2vV@WfW"fR&VVV&C6W7@f7F266W2v7BFR7v72&06Bw&FPV&W'0b6w&W70&Vv&FpW"66W&0BFW'2'&vb&&B`VGV6FWfFW7BfƷ7vvV( 6VFW6V2( FRǒfW'fWr6vB6RF2G'W7FV@Gf6FRf"W"66WGfPW"f6RV&BB7&VBFPv&B6Bw&FRV&W'2`6w&W72&Vv&FrW"66W&2f&FW'2F7&V6Rv&VW72B7&RFVFFFR6R@2BFFRbB"`FR&2&VrV&B&R76VB@FRW6RWfVFR&‡2v7FVVBF&RfFVB'FR6VFR2GF&W2BVFvW2v7FW7F6R66WGB2fW6ǐ6vVFvVB'6W7V&RआV'dvFFRƖR( WN( 2FRwW'2( F22vW&RvR0wW'2VVBF7FBWF&FV7@FR&vG2b67VW'2v&W'2FVG2B6'W6W76W2W 66WGFRF6WB +r&#p