The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 8

LIVE LIVE: The urban districts of Tampa are booming and the desire to LIVE urban is at an all-time record high. Tampa is ranked as one of the top five of America’s most desirable cities, best outdoor city, exploding craft brewery scene, and ranked as a leader for an active lifestyle. Who wouldn't want to live here? Our skyline is growing and the principle of build it and they will come; seems to be working. Downtown Tampa and surrounding areas are alive and buzzing with excitement. Urban Tampa offers something for everyone. It boasts an excellent and diverse restaurant collection for foodies, an electrifying nightlife, sophisticated arts & culture options and of course our amazing waterfronts. WORK: The work culture is changing and Tampa is evolving. Open and communal work area choices are more available. Co-working locations, incubators and coffee houses are opening throughout Tampa and are becoming the norm to start, grow and conduct business. Tampa businesses range from Fortune 500 companies to startups. The urban core is home to more than 80 startups and growing. Our urban districts set the stage for growth as business owners and offer 88 competitive options for their employees. This is why Tampa has consecutively been labeled one of the best cities for business, in the top 10 cities to start a business, and one of the best cities to conduct business. PLAY: Urban Tampa is a playground for fun! Our options are endless and the biggest setback