The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 29

you looked at what the weather has in store for your home while you're gone? Allowing your home to get overly hot while you're away isn't good for your pet. You can control the temperature in your home - even while you're away - with the remote access thermostats. They are WiFi-enabled smart thermostats and provide more than just comfort, it monitors the temperature in your home, allowing you to always be aware of your home's temperature. And best of all, they are completely controllable from your smartphone, so even if you forget to make adjustments before you go, resetting the temperature in your home is just a click away. 3. A little cleaning goes a long way. Your pet really isn't that different from you; they appreciate a nice clean area to live in as well. Give it to them before you go by making sure the litter box or the yard is clean and that you've picked up as much clutter as possible. Wash the blankets that adorn their favorite sleeping places and make sure the space is ready for their use. 4. A little TV time. If commotion is the name of the game in your home, a house that is suddenly too quiet could have a negative impact on your pet. To alleviate this concern, leave the television on in one of the rooms so your pet can enjoy a little noise in the background. Just make sure you choose a room that is different from where your pet often sleeps so they can comfortably avoid the sound if they want to. With today’s technology you can connect your TV to a smart switch that will allow you to turn it on and off while you are away. 5. Leave a little bit of yourself. Is it possible to be in two places at once? In some ways yes. Leaving items out that smell like you - laundry or blankets, for example - can be a wonderful source of comfort in instances when your pet is feeling stressed. Just remember that if your pet likes to chew, these items could be their first target, so only leave things you're comfortable losing. Having a pet doesn't mean you need to put travel plans on hold or loose a promotion to your colleague with no ties, it just adds another layer to your planning process. Apply the tips above, and you and your pet will be happy and comfortable until the trip is over and you're reunited.