The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 22

LIVE WORK PLAY CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 Name your three favorite outdoor activities? Parades, concerts and cycling. What is your favorite museum? Tampa Museum of Art What is your favorite venue for music? The Ritz If you could add anything you wanted to the area for fun, what would it be? More events that connect the locals. Yes, I’m the Creative Director/Partner at S3 Media in Ybor City. What is your favorite part about working in the same area you live in? I don’t have to drive! How do you think the current Downtown Tampa and surrounding areas explosion of new residents has affected your business? We are an advertising/marketing company; more businesses will need us to help increase their business. What do you vision for the urban core to be in ten years? Hopefully we will combine Downtown, Channelside and Ybor City as one community that interacts with each other. Where is your favorite place to take clients and co- workers? Bernini’s, The Ritz and Carmines Tampa Club Where is your favorite place to get away from work? Anywhere near the water. PLAY What do you like to do in the area for fun? Cycling, bocce, nightlife and the dog parks. What is your favorite restaurant in the area? Too many to choose only one. Where is your go-to place for happy hour? Bad Monkey, Bernini’s and Reservoir Bar in no particular order. What are your top three spots to grab appetizers? Fly Bar, Bernini’s and the Tampa Club. Where is the first place you take your out of town guest and why? Columbia restaurant- food and history 22 22