The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 21

PLAY What do you like to do in the area for fun? Boating What is your favorite restaurant? Si-am Thai-American Restaurant and Osteria Where is your go-to place for happy hour? Franklin Manor What are your top three spots to grab appetizers? Franklin Manor, District Tavern and Tapps What is your favorite coffee joint and why? Caffeine, friendly staff and close by. Name your three favorite outdoor activities? Boating and or fishing, bike riding and pool parties. What is your favorite museum? Tampa Firefighters Museum What is your favorite venue for music? Franklin Manor If you could add anything you wanted to the area for fun, what would it be? A Miami style club eleven LIVE WORK PLAY Kurt Schleicher LIVE Where do you live in Tampa and why? I lived in Ybor City since 2005 because it is like a neighborhood in Manhattan with the convenience of walking to work, restaurants, bars and parks. What do you like most about the area? I can live, work and play without having to drive. If you could change anything in urban districts what would it be? More parks and green spaces. What excites you the most about the current and future expansion of the downtown district and surrounding urban areas? How they will all be linked together by the trolley which will provide us more options of things to do. WORK Do you work in the urban Tampa area and what do you do? CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 THE DISTRICT - TAMPA’S URBAN DWELLING MAGAZINE 21