The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 20

LIVE WORK PLAY Chris Anderson LIVE Where do you live in Tampa and why? Beautiful, Seminole Heights and I love being by the river and the close convenience to Downtown. What do you like most about the area? The people If you could change anything in urban districts what would it be? More affordable parking in Downtown and Channelside. What excites you the most about the current and future expansion of the downtown district and surrounding urban areas? The night life, new restaurants and more people moving to the area. WORK Do you work in the urban districts and what do you do? Yes, I work for the Nocturnal Group. We currently run and operate Franklin Manor and Osteria, our new Italian restaurant that we teamed up with celebrity chef Fabio Viviani. 20 20 What is your favorite part about working in the same area you live in? Whether I’m working or playing I am surrounded with friends. Where is your favorite place to take clients and co- workers? Of course Franklin Manor but I also like Hall on Franklin and District Tavern