The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 18

LIVE WORK PLAY Asad Yusupov LIVE Where do you live in Tampa and why? I have a waterfront home in Apollo Beach but spend most of time at my place in Skypoint. I chose this area because it is young and fun, while still being well connected to the business side of the city. Channelside also offers some great views of downtown! What do you like most about the area? There’s just so much to do here, so close to home. Between the recreational opportunities that come with living on the water, the restaurants, concerts, and sporting events, I’m never bored. If you could change anything in the urban districts what would it be? Nothing! What excites you the most about the current and future expansion of the downtown district and surrounding urban areas? The new people and “WOMEN” I’m going to meet. WORK Do you work in the urban districts and what do you do? Yes, I am the president of a digital design, development, and marketing company. I’m very hands- on and work takes me all over the Tampa area. This location makes it easy to stay connected with all my clients. What is your favorite part about working in the same area you live in? Definitely the convenience; not having a commute means I get to spend more time doing the things I love. 18 18 What do you vision for the urban core to be in ten years? As the city grows, so do the people- which in turn leads to a more vibrant and exciting city. Where is your favorite place to take clients and co-workers? District Tavern Where is your favorite place to get away from work? My boat! PLAY Where is the first place you take your out of town guest and why? Definitely historic Ybor City, it’s such a unique area with tons of history. Name your three favorite outdoor activities? Longboarding the Riverwalk, kayaking, and bar crawling What do you like to do in the area for fun? I take advantage of living on the Bay and spend as much time on the water as I can. What is your favorite museum? The Ybor City Museum What is your favorite restaurant? Kelp Sushi Joint If you could add anything you wanted to the area for fun, what would it be? Hanging out with your publisher Eddy! Where is your go-to place for happy hour? My liquor cabinet What are your top three spots to grab appetizers? Ulele, Café Dufrain, Columbia What is your favorite coffee joint and why? Buddy Brew within Oxford Exchange, I love the eclectic environment. What is your favorite venue for music? Curtis Hixon Park