The District Magazine LIVE.WORK.PLAY 2018 - Page 16

LIVE WORK PLAY Jessie & Pavel Stehlik LIVE Where do you live in Tampa and why? Skypoint, Downtown Tampa. We’ve lived in Downtown since 2013 but before we moved Downtown we lived in the suburb. After one of our trips visiting family in Europe we realized we wanted the same walkable lifestyle that they had. What do you like most about the area? The people! We love walking down the Riverwalk or running out to grab a coffee and bumping into friends and neighbors that live and work downtown. It’s a beautiful energy. If you could change anything in the urban districts what would it be? More options for retail would be lovely! What excites you the most about the current and future expansion of the downtown district and surrounding urban areas? The renovations bringing life back into the historic buildings in and around Downtown is fantastic. 16 16 WORK Do you work in the urban districts and what do you do? We are professional photographers and videographers based out of Downtown Tampa. Our social events + weddings website is, and our corporate website is In celebration of our 20th Anniversary of being in business this year, we’re preparing to launch our couture photography website dedicated entirely to high end weddings - “FotoBoho Couture.” We also have a video series called Happily Ever Caffeinated where we interview wedding vendors and discuss the wedding industry. What is your favorite part about working in the same area you live in? Downtown is such a hub of activity that most of our photo shoots occur in this area which is incredibly convenient. For clients coming in for consultations, it’s always wonderful meeting them in one of our favorite restaurants and letting them experience the excitement of the area.