The Digital Educator 2 - Page 9


Want to get the toolbox out of your way? Open any flipchart and simply click on the Toolbox Options icon in your Toolbox (shown on the left). You can choose to dock the palette to the left/right side of your screen, at the top like other applications, or at the bottom for easy access for younger students. You can also roll in and/or roll up the toolbox giving you more space to view your flipchart.

The ActivInspire Primary interface is appropriate for children in grades PK-3. To switch to the Primary interface, open the Dashboard, click on Configure, and check Launch Next Time Using Primary Look and Feel.

Quit ActivInspire and relaunch—you may find that younger students prefer this interface with its large colorful icons.

On your laptop, make sure ActivInspire has been updated to the latest version. To check which version of the software is installed on your machine, click Configure on the Dashboard and on the right side of the window, click Check for Updates.

To add new Pages based on professionally‐designed templates, go to the Insert Menu and select Page. You will see options such as Activity Pages organized by type, templates for special themes, as well as pages designed to be used with the Learner Response Devices, ActivExpression and Activote.