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It can be frustrating when your copier stops working. Just like the car you drive each day, copy machines require regular maintenance. Here are some simple steps to ensure your copier stays in top running condition.

Don’t take out the toner bottle until you are ready to put a new bottle in.

Contrary to popular belief, shaking a half-full toner bottle doesn’t improve print quality. The amount of toner is actually calculated by the copier, and taking the bottle out prematurely will throw off the counter. If the copier tries to pull toner from an empty bottle long enough, it can damage the copier.

Lines or splotches on your copies?

First, check the glass on the copier. Under the lid, there is a l-inch wide strip of glass on the left. More often than not, lines are caused by debris in this area. Wipe it down with a damp cloth or paper towel. If that doesn’t clear up the copies, then open the front of the copier and find the blue handle near the xerographic module. Pump the handle 10 to 15 times, and try making another copy.

We Provide Training!

Xerox staff are always happy to come and train you how to use the copier, as well as how to clear a jam properly. Setting aside an hour to learn how to properly use the copier can save yourself (and your colleagues) a lot of time. Give the Xerox Help Desk a call at 716-816-3512 and we are happy to answer your questions or to set up a training session!

Helpful Hints for Xerox Copiers


Not able to send textbooks home with students?

Perplexed by the number of webpages students must navigate to for access to digital resources? In collaboration with subject area directors and supervisors, the BPS Information Technology Department has created a website repository of all e-Resources available to students in the Buffalo City School District. Included in this is not only access to electronic versions of student textbooks, but also all available library databases, encyclopedias, eBooks, and open source textbooks aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. New content is constantly being added so be sure to check back often.

More information is available online in BPS's

e-Resources Center.