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Data. It surrounds us. It’s part of, seemingly, everything we do. No matter where we are, we cannot avoid it. It’s part of our regular routines. Shopping web sites and loyalty cards track our purchases, music web sites have algorithms about our taste in songs, Netflix knows your preference in movies and TV. The collection and usage of data is everywhere!

This frenzy to collect and use data, not so coincidentally, has coincided with the Internet revolution where computers and computing networks have grown exponentially in both speed and capacity. As computing power and network capacity has increased, so has the ability to collect, compile, and graphically represent data.

Our profession of Education has taken great strides to embrace this culture of data and to deepen the pool of information that we can draw from to create a picture of student learning in our schools. New York State and BPS have invested heavily in both people and technology systems to support this culture of data usage using Data Driven Instruction methodologies.

The Buffalo Public Schools Information Technology Department has allocated resources over the past two school years to support this transition to a Data Driven Instruction (DDI) culture. In that time, BPS has on- boarded three new systems that have dramatically increased our ability to collect and utilize data.


Data Driven Instruction

BPS is revolutionizing its approach to student performance by utilizing data driven instruction techniques with its state-of-the-art assessment management system.

BPS Data systems


Assessment Management System

Infinite Campus

Student Management System


Data Warehouse

I-Prep at Grover Principal Carlos Alvarez leads his faculty in the DDI process.