The Digital Educator 2 - Page 3

"My number one priority now is to engage all stakeholders and to bring together a broad representation of the community, including teachers, teacher assistants, principals, bus drivers, food service workers, parents, foundations, unions—because everybody in this community has a stake in the future of our children. We must ask what it means to prepare children for the current century, for their education and careers.

Superintendent's Message


what skills, competencies, and dispositions are required for a global workforce? I want to see our graduates performing well in all subject areas; I want them to be arts-educated and skilled in athletics, where you learn so much about teamwork. We need to turn out individuals who demonstrate independence, creativity, and ability, to significantly improve student achievement overall, and to improve the learning experience for children. My plan is to work with the staff and the community to prepare students to do at least as well as the state standards—and to excel, and go beyond. It is our job to make sure that every school represents a great choice. Every child deserves to attend a school that is an effective learning environment for that child. " -Source:

BPS 53