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Data Driven Instruction

Using student data to drive instruction Pg. 4 -5

BPS Classroom Spotlight

Using technology in ESL instruction Pg. 6

Using Live Video Streaming

Encouraging community participation Pg. 6

Helpful Hints for Xerox Copiers

Tips to help make photo copying simpler Pg. 7

Replacing Textbooks with Techbooks

One stop location for electronic resources Pg. 7

Interactive Whiteboard Tips and Tricks

Innovative uses of technology in the classroom Pg. 8-9

New Era in Desktop Computing

Computing in a virutalized environment Pg. 10-11

The Burmese Project

Computer education for refugees in Buffalo Pg. 12-13

Bits and Bytes is an educational technology magazine developed by the Buffalo Public Schools Information Technology Department.

It is our goal to educate, inform and inspire BPS employees, students, parents and community members through our ever-changing, innovative and dynamic technology implementation in Buffalo Public School classrooms.

Our magazine has undergone a major digitized makeover which includes engaging and interactive online content. We hope you enjoy all of the exciting features this publication has to offer.

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