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additional software remotely from its Data Centers without having a person on-site. In the past, software updates and installations had to be done manually on the computers individually. This process could take days or weeks to complete. BPS Desktop solves this by automatically pushing out updates to and installing software on computers for the entire district within hours.

The first real test of BPS Desktop was the rapid integration of BPS School #115 (formerly Pinnacle Charter School). The announcement that the Buffalo Public Schools would take over Pinnacle Charter School happened only days before the school year began. The IT Department was able to utilize BPS Desktop to virtually integrate the entire school with our BPS network and update their computers with our district software and resources within a matter of days.

BPS Desktop has also enabled the IT Department to better facilitate online assessments, especially CFA testing. This has helped BPS address and become more in alignment with computer-based testing regulations. In the long term this will permit BPS a solution to enable large cohorts of students to simultaneously perform online assessments.

“Access to my H: drive from home and at school is the most convenient form of saving personalized data, much handier than a USB drive. Home access also allows me to do school work and use my learning applications after school.” - Edward Bennett, BPS Student Board Member

A smart feature called Profile Unity in BPS Desktop provides personalized computing environments for users moving among computers. Students can now move from machine to machine and retain desktop settings such as saved browser links, items saved to the desktop, and customizations to Microsoft Office, just to name a few. It truly is a personal desktop that follows a user no matter where they log in from.

Another key feature is BPS Desktop’s remote desktop access. Students, staff, and faculty can access the same desktop, applications, and District resources not only from within the schools, but also from

home, coffee shops, public libraries, or wherever there is an Internet connection. BPS Desktop provides the ability to access a full desktop on almost any device, be it a Windows desktop, tablet or phone; a Mac or iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad; or android devices and phones.

"BPS Desktop is moving the Buffalo Schools in the right direction. This technology delivers a fast and consistent desktop each and every time regardless of the device I am on.” - Edward Bennett, BPS Student Board Member

By the end of the 2013-14 school year, several schools will be on the BPS Desktop platform with the rest of the schools coming on board in the 2014-15 school year.

28 - Triangle Academy

30 - Frank A. Sedita Academy

31 - Harriet Ross Tubman School

33 - Bilingual Center

37 - Futures Academy

39 - MLK Multicultural Institute

42 - Occupational Training Center

74 - Hamlin Park School

91 - Build Academy

94 - West Hertel Academy

95 - Waterfront Elementary

97 - Harvey Austin School

Current BPS Desktop Schools

Identifying Your Extension

Identifying Your Set

Setting Up Voicemail

Answering Calls

Holding Your Calls

Making a Conference Call

Transfer a Call

New Era in Computing


VoIP Benefits

Clear Digital Voice Quality

Enhanced Voicemail Capabilities

Integration of Wireless Handsets and Cell Phones

Transfer Desk Phone Functionality to Your Mobile Device

Positions the District for Unified Communication to Allow Transfer of Voicemail to Email

18 - Comm. School of Excellence

53 - Community School

61 - Early Childhood Center

64 - Frederick Law Olmstead

65 - Roosevelt ECC

93 - Southside Elementary

97 - Harvey Austin School

115 - Former Pinnacle Charter

195 - City Honors School

197 - MST Preparatory School

198 - International Prep. School

205 - Riverside Inst. of Technology

301 - Burgard High School

304 - Hutch Tech High School

305 - McKinley High School*

307 - East High School*

* Planned for February 2014