The Definition Issue 5 cover 2a - Page 67

I see you are done with your shower finally to join me for dinner." as he turned to me and smiled. "Yeah, sorry i took so long, but you know how we women are details, details." Stepping closer to me, the air became thick with an electric charge. Every nerve, and impulse was screaming to be touched, to be devoured. Looking up into his brown eyes, a lump formed in my throat. He was there, devouring me in with his eyes, pulling me in the way he had always done with his presence.

With out words, he touched my face, caressing my jaw line with his fingers, down the nape of my neck. Sensual charges, coursed through my body, , traveling to my breast causing my nipples to stand at attention. My toes dug in the plush carpet, underneath my feet from the sensations that were afire as his fingers continued to explore me. I had wished now that I chose not to wear any panties, they were soaked and my slit was throbbing.

Taking the glass out of my hand and putting it on the nearby end table, he untied the slip knot from my robe, and shrugged it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. My plump but firm 38 D breast stood achingly at attention as the cool air washed over them . " Beautiful", he said as he pulled me to him his head bent , reaching to put and aroused nipple in his mouth. His tongue sucked hungrily on my breast, while his free hand caressed and massaged the other. Closing my eyes,and enjoying his tease and exploration of my body a soft moan escaped my lips. Leaning in to his body, his hardness throbbed steadily against my abdomen. Oh yes, I needed this badly, I needed his touch like he needed mine. His desire, hitting me like a tidal wave and I was the only one to conquer it. I needed this like i needed air. Tonight was one of those nights where as the passion burned brighter between us, i was more than ready to get burned. Story by Charmin Brown.