The Definition Issue 5 cover 2a - Page 66

I needed this like I needed air.. to breath, to feel alive, to feel whole again. It had been over a 5 years since we were together. and to see him again after our break up, he still very much excited me. Yet, fate had a way of bringing us together, for two reasons, our passion for our work and the fact that there was some unfinished business between the both of us.

My mind was racing while i was in the shower washing my hair, I wanted tonight to be special , to find out if what was , still is . If the the intense sexual chemistry that we had always had for each other still very much existed. Butterflies danced in my stomach as i continued to lather up my body under the hot water.

Hearts Aflame

My skin tingled with excitement as intimate memories of his tall muscular frame danced in the glow of the candles that very first night we had the most amazing sex. Finally done with my shower, and reaching for my towel, I looked over at the full length mirror. Time and proper diet had been good to me. Even though I was 5'9 and 190lb, my shape was thick in the hips, with enough ass on me to make a man lick his lips with anticipation. I silently thanked my mother for my shape, and my father for my looks.

With a swiftness, I finished pampering myself and slipped on my silkiest pair of panties. slipping in to my robe and tying it into a slip knot. Walking out to the dining area, my breath caught in my throat, as I glanced up to see his back to me. Tall, majestic, with a body still desirable as if that in his athletic days, time had been good to him as well. Only difference was, his hair, cut shorter than i remember, had begun to slightly gray around the temples. My panties became moist as my eyes roamed down the length of his shirtless back and stopped of his very firm ass. My nipples hardened under my robe with an ache, as I imagined me licking him down his back with my tongue.