The Current Magazine Winter 2016/17 - Page 53

Central Office Staff

Executive Director

Curtis Knight,

Finance & Administration Director

Alan Roesberry,

Advancement Director

Julie Seelen,

Institutional Giving Director

Gaby Roff ,

Marketing & Communications Director

Tracey Diaz,

Grants Associate

Melissa Racklyeft,

Conservation Program Coordinator

Patrick Samuel,

Staff Attorney

Walter Redgie Collins, J.D.,

Finance & Compliance Manager

Nathan Lubarov,

DevComm Associate

Alisan Amrhein,

Senior Administrative Assistant

Bryan Galgano,

In the Field

Fly Fishing Ambassador

Craig Ballenger

Fly Fishing & Community Outreach

Mike Wier

Friends & Partners


Andrew Bassak, Chair

Stephen Rogers, Vice Chair

Richard West, Treasurer

Rick Kaufman, Secretary

Linda Rosenberg Ach

Gary Arabian

Tony Brookfield

George Choe

Ed De La Rosa

Andy Eckert

Bill Epstein

Dick Galland

Loretta Keller

Tom Larsen

Charles Linker

Laureston McLellan

Bob Payne

Bob Rosenberg

Scott Tucker

Paul Vais

Jeff Williams

Emeritus Governors

Roy Crawford

Nicholas Di Croce

Craig Fusaro, Ph.D.

Bill Hooper

Richard May

Frank Pipgras

Joel Scheinberg

John Slezak

Will Trefry

Academic/Science Partners

UC Davis, Center for

Watershed Sciences

Dr. Peter Moyle

Dr. Jeff Mount

Dr. Jay Lund

Carson Jeffres

Dr. Rob Lusardi, Leader, CalTrout/

UC Davis Wild Fish Partnership

Humbolt State

Dr. Walt Duffy

Dr. Bill Trush

UC Merced

Dr. Steve Hart

University Nevada-Reno

Dr. Sudeep Chandra

UC Santa Barbara

Dr. Tom Dudley

Sacramento Advocacy Consultants

Environmental and Energy Consulting

Conservation and Natural Resources

Group (CNRG)

Strategic/Legal Advisors

Environmental Defense Center

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Shute, Mihaly & Weinberg

Jeff Thompson, Business

Strategy Advisor

Water Power & Law Group,

Richard Roos Collins

Contact us

360 Pine St., 4th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94104

(415) 392-8887

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Conservation Staff

Mt. Shasta/Klamath

Drew Braugh

Tuli Potts

Nicole Dove

North Coast

Darren Mierau

Mary Burke

Sierra Headwaters

Mark Drew, PhD

Levi Keszey

Janet Hatfield

Central California

Jacob Katz, PhD

Southern California

Sandra Jacobson, PhD

Candice Meneghin

David Lee