The Current Magazine Winter 2016/17 - Page 29



Life History

Steelhead are rainbow trout that travel from creeks and rivers to the ocean and back again. These fish need access to local streams to complete their life cycle. We will look at their life history, how to manage for diversity, abundance, and enhance resilience.


Water Quality

and Steelhead

We’ll discuss steelhead water quality needs, Ventura County’s Ag Waiver, Best Management Practices, how land use impacts runoff, and explore options and resources available to address water quality goals.



We will share examples of

what landowners are doing to benefit steelhead and the ecological function along the Santa Clara River parkway.

We will also gauge landowner needs, incentives, best management practices.


Invasive Species and Steelhead

Weeds are sucking our groundwater and surface

flows dry. Pests threaten

crops, orchards, livelihoods, and riparian and stream habitat. We will discuss identification, threats, management and control of key invasive species in the watershed.



Fish Passage &

In-stream Flows

We will discuss the fish

passage challenge steelhead face, how to design multi-benefit projects and enhance instream flow to support migration and connectivity to habitat in different life cycle stages, water conservation opportunities, and identify resources for stakeholders when upgrading road crossings, diversions, and assistance in meeting regulatory burden.

Coming in April:

Technical Workshop: Regulatory Agency Permit Streamlining

WaterTalks is an ongoing program of educational

events designed to provide people with a place

to learn about water-related topics by bringing together community members and experts.

For more information, contact Candice Meneghin,

The 2017 WaterTalks Series Santa Paula & Ventura, CA