The Current Magazine Winter 2016/17 - Page 27

Engaging the Community in

Santa Clara Watershed

Coastal Cleanup Day

September 2016

The Coalition partnered with Nina Danza of the local Sierra Club chapter for Coastal Cleanup day and hosted the Santa Clara River Gateway inland site on the lower main stem. Seventy-five volunteers came together to clear 0.5 square miles of critical steelhead habitat on The Nature Conservancy's property, which is part of the Santa Clara River Parkway. Over 640 lbs. of trash were collected with some unusual finds such as a car bumper, barbecue, and cash register.

The California Coastal Commission awarded both Candice Meneghin, CalTrout’s Southern California Conservation Program Manager, and Nina a certificate of recognition and appreciation for outstanding public service in protecting and enhancing the beauty and natural resources of California’s coast and shorelines for the benefit of present and future generations.

Point Me to the Parkway

A Santa Clara River Parkway Conference

September 2016

CalTrout and the Coalition had great representation at the Point Me to the Parkway conference, which gathered a crowd of 85 participants. Alasdair Coyne with Keep Sespe Wild was the keynote speaker, Friends of the Santa Clara River did a tribute to the past, The Nature Conservancy highlighted their present restoration work on parkway properties. And the crowd spoke about a future vision for the Parkway. Also, UC Santa Barbara RIVRLab showcased their work on invasive species management.

CalTrout brings these passionate groups together through our coalition to restore steelhead in the watershed.

Photos by Nina Danza, Candice Meneghin

Led by CalTrout's Candice Meneghin, the Santa Clara Steelhead Coaltion has been focused on implementing one of their key strategies: outreach, education and community engagement.

The coalition hosted 14 outreach events in 2015 and 2016.