The Current Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 40

CT: When did you first become involved in CalTrout and why?

SK: For years, I’d seen CalTrout bumper stickers on cars and thought wow, a group dedicated to trout fishing. I loved to fish but knew nothing about trout except what I had read in “Field and Stream” when I was a kid and watching Brad Pitt (I know, I know, his body double) land that huge trout in the movie, “A River Runs Through It”. Then board member Loretta Keller invited me on last year’s CalTrout steelhead trip to the Trinity River. Not only did I meet an amazing group of women who love to fish, but I learned so much about the rivers the fish call home and the people dedicated to saving those waters.

CT: How did you get into fly-fishing?

SK: Fishing’s in my genes. My Japanese grandmother fished; my mother was a very good angler. She bought me a fly rod when I was five years old. Back then, it was a glorified cane pole but it made me feel I was a real fisherman. When I was a little older, she added a reel and taught me to roll cast under the moss hanging from cypress trees and how to work a popping bug to catch bluegill and bream. But this was Louisiana so I spent more time bass fishing with artificial lures and plastic worms. Work got in the way of fishing for a few decades and I didn’t pick up a fly rod again until about eight years ago when I started fishing in the Bay Area. It became my “spa day”, a chance to get out on the water and enjoy nature and if I was lucky, catch a few fish.

Sydnie Kohara

San Francisco, CA

CalTrout Member since 2017

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