The Current Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 30


CalTrout has deep roots in using advocacy to create change. From day one, we championed wild trout management and the concept of catch and release, spearheading efforts to enact programs and legislation to protect California’s trout resources.

We continue in those efforts today by engaging targeted legislative members and staff on key local, regional, and statewide issues. Retaining a political consulting firm to address State issues, CalTrout identifies key decision makers and builds enduring relationships with them, supporting their leadership on issues that advance the mission and programs of CalTrout.

By bringing policy expertise, on the ground experience, community support, science, media and advocacy experience to the table, we help advance mission critical policies programs and funding. Using an experienced team of political consultants to complement our executive staff, we develop legislative initiatives, support or oppose legislation, help shape the state/federal budget, engage in stakeholder groups and work directly with key decision makers.


The 2018 legislative cycle has been an interesting mixed bag for water and natural resource issues. With Prop 68 containing over a billion dollars worth of natural resources and water funding, the Governor’s budget has held back in funding water specific projects in anticipation of Prop 68 passing. That being said, CalTrout has remained focused on securing funding for natural resource management and restoration as well as shoring up protections for vulnerable California ecosystems. Here’s a high level rundown of the important policy areas CalTrout is focusing on this cycle:

Legislation and Advocacy

Shaping policy to protect fish and their waters