The Current Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 29

I started fishing at age five when we were on summer vacation on Catalina Island. I still like to fish there for calico bass and other fish from the pier in Avalon.

The first time I fly fished I was in Burney Creek. I was six and caught a small rainbow trout with a Pale Morning Dun. (My dad still has it in his hat). When I was ten I got my first fly rod and learned how to cast properly at fly fishing camp. I also learned how to rig my own rod and tie knots so now my dad doesn’t have to do it for me anymore. I learned to wet my hands before touching a fish, and how to safely release a fish so it can grow bigger and I can catch it again. Last year, I started tying my own flies. My favorite is the Wooly Bugger and at camp this year I caught eight trout with one!

I think California is the best place in the world to fly fish. I have been fishing in some awesome places-- from Beaver Creek in Calaveras Big Trees State Park to Lake Manzanita almost at the top of Mount Lassen. In one day this summer my dad and I fished the McCloud River in the morning, Hat Creek in the afternoon, and then we fished the hex hatch on the Fall River in the evening. My dad says I don’t know how lucky I am to have all these amazing places to go fishing and that we need to protect them.

There aren’t many kids who fly fish and even fewer girls. I think it's kind of cool that I’m the only girl in my class who knows the difference between a stonefly, a caddis fly, and a mayfly, and who can roll cast from under a tree.

The best thing about fly fishing is that you get to go to great places but the very, very best thing is when I catch a fish and my dad doesn’t. Our next trip is to Mammoth Lakes to fish in Hot Creek and the Owens River and I really want to catch my first brown trout there. I hope that I will always be able to fly fish in California and that there will always be enough clean and cold water for the trout to live in our rivers and lakes.

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