The Current Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 4

Jacob was born with gills. Fascinated with what happened below the water line he grew up chasing fish in every creek, puddle, river and pond he could find. Eventually Jacob was hooked by school taking a PhD in ecology at the UCD Center for Watershed Sciences under Dr. Peter Moyle. Jacob is the Central California Director at CalTrout where his work focuses on integrating biologic science & natural history into the management and operation of California’s water infrastructure and developing ways to get greater fish and wildlife benefit out of working agricultural landscapes while ensuring that California is always home to self-sustaining runs of wild salmon. You can read about his Nigiri project in this issue.

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At CalTrout, we believe abundant wild fish mean healthy waters and healthy waters mean a better, more prosperous California. We work towards this by solving the state's complex resource issues while balancing the needs of people and wild fish.



JACOB KATZ Central California Director