The Current Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 24


UC Santa Barbara Riparian InVasion Research Lab (RIVRLab)

By Allison Sherlock, Watershed Coordinator, Fall River Conservancy

Tom Dudley, Director

Tom's research examines the effects of non-native, invasive species in aquatic and riparian ecosystems,

the mechanisms underlying invasion success and plant-herbivore interactions, and the restoration of invaded ecosystems for biodiversity enhancement and improved ecosystem function..

RIVRLab’s research addresses the effects of non-native species in riparian and stream ecosystems, particularly in western North America. They seek to understand the process of species invasions and how they alter biodiversity and ecosystem functions, but we also develop methods to better manage pest species and to restore native communities.

Adam Lambert, Project Director

Adam's research examines the effects of invasive species on natural communities, mechanisms of invasion,

tri-trophic interactions, and biological control. He is also involved in large-scale restoration and monitoring projects in riparian systems.