The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 6

FIRST SHOT Message from the CSGA Executive Director - Mike Moraghan Remembering the Great Ones E arly one morning during the Connecticut Amateur at the Country Club of Waterbury, while out on the course setting up tee markers, I discovered something very, very special. It was a bench at the back of the 16 th tee. The bench itself was not unusual. In fact, it looked just like all the other benches that can be found near many of the tee boxes at Waterbury. Wooden, painted brown, a little beaten up and weathered by the elements. But on this particular bench was a small, shiny nameplate that read, In Memory Of Charlie Gibbs Charlie Gibbs was my father’s best friend. The two of them played hundreds of rounds together at Waterbury and dozens of other courses. Mostly as partners, although with the usual rotation among friends like Griff and Conley and Otto and Father O’Dea and Harold Smith and Judge Elliot they often squared off on opposite sides in friendly matches. But mostly they were partners, and a formidable team, Dad (Marty) at a low single digit and Charlie getting a healthy number of strokes at somewhere between an 8 and a 12. They were men who loved to compete and who loved to bust each other’s chops (and everyone else’s) at every opportunity. Laughter and groans and little celebrations and constant banter were fellow com- panions in all of their foursomes. I was lucky to play a lot of rounds with my father, Mr. Gibbs and their many friends. Dad would say, “we’ve got Charlie and the Judge on Saturday,” or “it’s Charlie and Roy O’Neill” and I knew it was going to be a great day at Waterbury. Finding this bench, in memory of Charlie, was a wonder- ful surprise. 6 | CSGA Links // August 2018