The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 42

FROM THE USGA Hey, guys, repair those I t seems so easy and it should be so simple, but somehow those ball marks don’t seem to get repaired. So it’s never a bad time for a brief refresher: Here are five things every golfer should know about repairing ball marks: 1. The proper technique for ball mark repair is easy and fast. Insert the ball mark repair tool behind the ball mark and gently pull the top of the tool toward the center. Continue work- ing around the ball mark, pulling the surrounding turf in toward the center of the indentation. Avoid using a lifting or twisting motion because this can damage turf roots. Once you have finished pulling turf in toward the center, gently tamp the area down with your putter to create a smooth, firm surface. 2. Unrepaired ball marks cause lasting problems. Failing to repair a ball mark may seem like a minor oversight, but there consequences are not minor. Unrepaired ball marks can take weeks to heal, during which time they may cause balls to bounce off line. The dam- age to the putting surface is also an entry point for 42 | CSGA Links // August 2018