The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 38

RULES Don’t take that Teeing Ground for Granted T here are several things you need to remember 18 times every round if you want to stay on the right side of the law—and some of them are quirky. They all concern the “teeing ground,” a very specific area defined by the Rules which is different from the larger (un- defined) flat area upon which the tee markers are placed and rotated. First, consider that irregularly shaped tee markers—and tee markers which “aim” you away from the fairway—may confuse things. Be careful as you determine where the teeing ground begins and ends. Here’s the Definition: Teeing Ground The “teeing ground” is the starting place for the hole to be played. It is a rectangular area two club lengths in depth, the front and the sides of which are defined by the outside limits of two tee markers. A ball is outside the teeing ground when all of it lies ͥѡѕɽչ($($)QЁѡѼє́ѡЁѡѕɽչ́ѕɵЁȁٽɕ)䰁Ё䁉ѡͥѥѡɭ́ݡɕєѡ݅ɐͥɕхݼ)Ոѡ́Qݽɐɔ́ɕхQѕɽչ́Ё͡P)ЁٔɥЁ̸ٕѡɭ́Ёԁ݅䁙ɽȁͥɕɕѥ)䰁ѡѕɽչ́ѡ́ѡeԁЁѕѡݥѡѡЁɕд)!݅ɐ5聥́UMIձ́=ȁѡ5ɽхͽѥIձ́ ɵȁѡ5e) ՈЁMѕɱɵ́ ͔Mхɐѡȁ!܁Ѽ1ٔѡIձ́( M1̀՝Ѐ)ܹ̹͝ɜ