The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 37

You think nothing of throwing a piece of crumpled paper into a wastebasket. You throw your socks into the laundry basket with barely a thought. In these and many other similar cases you are looking at a target. While I wouldn’t recommend putting in com- petition while looking at the hole—the odds of a less-than-solid hit go up—I want you to use your eyes to help you master dis- tance control in your putting. So get out on the practice putting green whenever you can. Work on this eye routine and make it a habit. I guarantee you will become a much better distance putter. Mastering distance control on putts Object: Increase your target awareness with proper eye movement Connor video select/media/VPjEAkjQ_H_A George Connor has been teaching and coaching golfers of all abilities since 1989. The two-time Connecticut PGA Teacher of the Year runs the Golf Chan- nel Academy at Farmington Woods GC in Avon, CT, and also teaches out of Keney Park Golf Course in Hartford, CT. George’s student’s include Division I College Players, Professional Players, State Amateur Champions, Club Cham- pions as well as beginners and intermediate players. CSGA Links // August 2018 37