The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 34

FITNESS TEST NO. 2 Stand against the wall just as you did in Test No. 1 and extend both arms at the same time, pressing the palms together. Raise both arms over your head. The goal is to touch the wall with your two thumbs without arching your lower back or losing any of the contact points created when you began the test. 34 | CSGA Links // August 2018 IF YOU FAILED The muscles around the thoracic spine (mid- back) aren’t functioning properly. This causes a loss of posture and limits your ability to rotate when you swing. Lie on a foam roller, and move it up and down your back. Stop in the middle and let your shoulders gently sink toward the floor while keeping your butt on the ground. Also, strengthen your oblique muscles with exercises like side planks and seated torso rotations.