The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 25

diers are and once we thin the herd the rest really thrive. AP: You did something a few years back that I thought was genius. There was a huge tree behind the 13th green, the Redan, and I know you wanted to take it down because of issues it was having with the turf. And it turned out when the tree was down—it was knocked down it didn’t have to be taken down, it turned out it was diseased, hollowed out—you left the stump there for a while so people could see you didn’t take down a healthy tree. SR: Yeah and unfortunately 90% of the trees that came down this month in those storms were completely rotted from the middle up. Most of them were either lightning damaged or environmentally challenged so…they’re getting old. I mean everything has a life span and a lot of the trees here are reaching that. The Third Green AP: The ultimate crowning part of the restoration at Yale would be to somehow restore the third green, which was a double punch bowl kind of thing we think. It may have disappeared or ultimately wasn’t built be- cause of the rising level of the pond [right of the green] and because of the fact that the 4th tee has to play over edge of it. Is there ever any talk of restoring the third green? SR: There is a real lot of talk. I think that would be the primary project we would take on in the very near future. I don’t have any plans. We don’t have anything concrete, but I just sense that the way the economy is going the way Yale is, the way the members are, I just think ѡɗe)Ѽɽչݕѥ٥䁙ȁͽɔ)ѕ̸$݅́Ёɕ䁵ՍٕѼ)͠ѡɅAЁѡ́́Ѽɕل)ѥ̰ѼɅѡ݅́Ѽɔѡͥѕ̸$)ɽ䁍ձ͔ѡЁ䁕͕ݡɔЁݡݽձ)ԁݥѡЁɅ)@QЁɕͥєɑ́ͼɅѡɔ)ɕ䁵ѕ̸)MHḛͥݡЁ$͕́ѡЁѡɕͽѡѡɐ)ɕݕЁЁ͕٥́ѡЁѡɔɔչ)ݱ́ɽչѡݽɱѡЁɔɽ䁩Ё̴ͅ)ܹ̹͝ɜ)Q՝5́ɕѕ٥)́͡I幽ȁ݅́eéɥ䁅ɍѕ)ѕ́ͼѡЁѡeɔЁեЁɥаѡeɔЁѡɽݸ)ѡɽͥՅѥѡ䁅ɔЁՉЁѼ%ӊé)ɽ݅ѥѼѼѡəMͥݡ)ѡ䁑ѡ䁩ЁѽѡɥЁɽЁѡ)ɕձ镐ЁѼѡЁɹȰمд)Ё͕ՑUMɕ́ѽ)ѡЁեЁݡЁ́ѽѡѡɐɕ)@]Ё啅ȁ݅́ѡ)MH'eѼͅ䃊dиIЁѡЁɅ%ЁݕЁݡ)ѡ䁩ЁՙɕݥѠЁȁݡMѡӊé)ѡɥɽ́ݗeѼх́ѡɕɼ)Ʌٕ́ѡɅ̸́)@%ӊé饹܁ѡչٕͥ䁡́Ѽѥ)ٔɽȁѕѥѼѡ͔e׊eɔд)9 ٕܸ́՝ɽ)MH1ٕѡѡɗéܸ])ѼٔɵЁͽѥݥѠѡչٕͥ)ݥѡЁӊéѡ9ā͔ѡЁЁ́)͕մѡɕЁЁ͕մݔ)ЁٔѼхѡЁѕ) ȁєՑ) M1̀՝Ѐ