The CSGA Links Volume 6 Issue 4 August 2018 - Page 22

COURSES Greens, Trees and a Punchbowl: Talking Yale’s Transformation At the famous 9th hole, the Biarritz, Ramsay restored some 2000 square feet to the green and collar. T he transformative restoration of the Course at Yale is due in large part to the work of Superinten- dent Scott Ramsay. To mark the 78th playing of the Four-Ball Championship there on September 12, we present excerpts from an interview by historian and author Anthony Pioppi (The Finest Nines, Skyhorse Publishing) with Ramsay about the changes he’s overseen since taking over in 2003. The interview first appeared on Pioppi’s Turfnet podcast, sponsored by Golf Preservations. It covers the refur- bishing of bunkers, reclamation of Yale’s greens, the pruning of thousands of trees, and a possible future restoration of the original third green, which was modified in the 1950s. Anthony Pioppi: When your tenure began was there restoration under way, wasn’t there? It was a slow restoration. That was 2003? Scott Ramsay: The bunker restoration was almost completed when I arrived. There were two bunkers that were under discussion to be redone and we did that on Nos. 13 and 17: The Principal’s Nose on 17 22 | CSGA Links // August 2018 and the Redan bunker on 13. So when I came in for an interview the quote that I made in my interview, that I bor- rowed from a friend of mine, was something like, “Some- where out there in the middle of that forest is a wonderful golf course.” They had all the intent and everything to begin a tree program, begin an irrigation program, they started the drainage work so there were a lot of things go- ing on, but we just needed one guy to shepherd it through.