The CSGA Links Volume 4 Issue 6 October, 2016 - Page 5

Crash interned with us in 2015 before putting in a year as the Assistant Women’s Golf Coach at the University of Denver. Like others on our staff she is multitalented, possessing a thorough understanding of the game, as well as leadership and organizational skills. She will be a key figure for us and for women’s golf in Connecticut moving forward. A quick look at some specific events: in 2015 the CSGA combined our Mixed Team Championship with the Connecticut Women’s Golf Association (CWGA) Mixed Team in an effort to bolster the championship and produce a single event that was better then either of our independent efforts. In 2016, for the first time in the history of the championships, the CSGA managed Connecticut’ ’Y[\[ۜ\X[YYH\]\[ۈ][ܙH[ L Y\\X\][˂B[ۛXX]8&\\X\][ۈ[B\[[܈KT]HX]\\[X\žYX\HH\Y[[Yܘ\BX[H\Z[[]ZXH]]\H]XYق^\X\HۈH][ [\[XۙX\X\]H0H[ B[[ M܈H\[YH]\HBۙXYHۛXX]Y[&\[X]]\[[]Y\]\]YH[YH[HXHX[Y[Y[و\[\[ۜ\Y][\H[\]Y]Y[HH[B]\][[Y[&\\X][ۂӑUJK[ܛ\\Y\ZBHXYHYHX\YHYY\ۜX[]KB܈YH[YHHH\ݚYY[[X[\ܝH[ӑUK]H[ݙH܈\XYHX]HXY\š[Y[&\[\XH[ܙH[\]H\˜X[\][˂B\\H\X[ۈH\H[[]\˜H[܈[\Y\[Y \HXZH]H[ܚ]HݚYHY][ۘ[[[[Y^Z[ܝ[]Y\܈\[Y[\[\Y][ۘ[[[[Yܝ[]Y\܈\˜[Y[[[\X\وH[YK˘[[˛ܙ‚B\[YX\Y[HHXۚ^YH[\ܝ[HوXX\ܙ[^][ۈ\˜XYHۙ\[[ܙHYX]HH[XX[™]\Hۜ]Y[Y\ˈ\[[۝[YH[HZ[X\ۜ\HX][HYZXܝZ][[YY[X\YHZ][[Y[B[ZHۈ[ܙHXY\\\][BK]\[HX]K MY[&\[X]]\[\[ۂH[ ؙ\ M B