The CSGA Links Volume 4 Issue 6 October, 2016 - Page 33

Team Connecticut Finishes 5th at State Team Championship T he CSGA team of Geoff Vartelas, John Flaherty and Chet Hrostek produced Connecticut’s best ever finish in the USGA State Team Championship, as they finished tied for fifth overall with Washington and Minnesota. Michigan claimed the title after a final round of 4-under par vaulted them to the top of the leaderboard. Hosted this year by the Country Club of Birmingham in Alabama, the 54-hole competition is played every other year and brings together top players from Puerto Rico, Washington D.C. and all fifty states. Numerous state, regional, and USGA champions, as well as a number of past Walker Cup players populate the field. Despite their historic accomplishment, there was a bit of disappointment for the Connecticut squad as the team held a two-shot lead over the field of 52 teams entering the final round. “We were tied for the lead after the first round and alone in first after the second round, so yes it is a disappointing,’ said Vartelas, “but I think we have a lot that we can feel good about. It was a great week and a real honor to compete for Connecticut with John and Chet.” Vartelas was also the individual leader after shooting 68-70, but his final round was derailed with double-bogeys at h \[ L[]HH[[[ KZ\HY[و ̈[ H]H ͋[ZHܙHY[܈ۛXX][H\[YHX[H]H ۈY^KB'[ٙ[^YY[H\^\[^H\H\ܙX]^\[ܙX]^Y\8'BZYZˈ8'x&[HYH\XH۝X]H^K[\H]HY[H\و\X[KH]]\B[܈^\[YX\YXZHHX[K[]X[H\Hۙ\[^\Y[H\\[\]BۈH][ۘ[YK'BBۛXX]8&\ ]XH[\\H\و[HوHܝX\\]\\[[[XH\YY܈ X\X\]\YY܈ L []\^H\YY܈ M] ][ܚ[H[XZ[[]‘[[]\Z\YH][HY[\YXY HX[\[Y\Y\ ͈\˂˘[[˛ܙ‚H[ ؙ\ M ‚