The CSGA Links Volume 4 Issue 6 October, 2016 - Page 17

to par his final hole to capture the title; “I drove it well, and my irons were as solid as they could be. I putted well and that is a good combination. I still had some business left the last hole, and I just wanted to take care of it.” Szewczul relied on his excellent ball striking throughout the tournament to manage the difficult Donald Ross design, “all day was a tremendous ball striking day; tee to green it was as good \x&]HY[[Hۙ[YKHZ\YYHZ\^\[^K[]\][H]HۈHۘ[\K[H]HHXH۝[\\[H[BܙY[˸'BB\]HX\[\][XY\ق^Y\وHYX\ۛ܈[H\ZYYX\ޙ]ޝ[\\YHX[\HY]BX\ێ8'H]HۙHHو\\HZH\Hق^HX]8&\Y[Hۙ[[Y\[x&[HXYH܂YH]XYYY[YHٙ\]H[x&]B^YY ]8&\Y[HYX\ۈ\X[K'BB[Hޙ]ޝ[[]\X]^HY\H\Z[KT]HX]\H\[XYH[™ܝ\^X\ێ8'H\\\[YH[H^[ٙ]\][\YX\x&[H\H\B[\HX\ۈ\^KHHHXH\^X\ۈH[YH^HH[Y\ۙK'B[Y]Y\ۛ؈XZXY[Z] [\[Y[HX]ۛXX]ZY P[X]]\[\[ۜ\ؙ\ ܙ  H[\[Y[HX[\[ێ]Hޙ]ޝ[ [\[][ۈBH[Y]Y\ۛ؈BBBܙHZXY[Z] [\[YBBBH]Z]ܙܙY[BB]HHX\K[[BBBBX[Z\[\[YBBBKMKM̋KLL MKMKKLMM M KLMBMKMKLM̋M̋M KLN̋M̋M KLNX\H܈[\[˘[[˛ܙ‚H[ ؙ\ M M‚