The CSGA Links Volume 4 Issue 6 October, 2016 - Page 12

Get Golf Fit! Speed Kills - By Kevin Dishon, PT, DPT, TPI level 2 Medical and Fitness Professional A lmost every golfer wishes they could hit the ball further. Extra yards off the tee correlate to higher irons into the green, which ideally leads to closer approach shots. While you need to train to gain power in your golf swing, you must also build your swing speed to increase your distance. If you watch any professional golf tournament, you will see the values given to player’s swing and ball speed. A player’s swing speed is one noticeable difference between being a professional and an average golfer. Professionals have trained to swing the golf club at high speeds, but how can an amateur golfer close this gap? On the next page, I have compiled two golf specific exercises to increase swing speed without the need of excessive equipment. If you have any further questions, a full demonstration of the exercises will be posted on my instagram account @Dr._Kevin_golf_PT. Please contact me for more information about golf fitness, golf rehabilitation, or any golf specific exercise programs. You can reach me via email at @Dr._Kevin_Golf_PT 12 | CSGA Links // October, 2016