The CSGA Links Volume 4 Issue 6 October, 2016 - Page 11

a doubt preventing yourself from employing your skills to their potential on the course. • Make that swing change in the pre-season, not during the season. When you are not playing meaningful golf you have the liberty to disrupt things. Making a swing change takes time. You will need to build new habits. It will take a lot of repetitions doing it the new way before that habit will override your old habit. Hitting balls into a net or a simulator will allow you to focus on the process of making the new motion rather than being so distracted by the result of the shot. I could go on and on with productive activities that you can be doing this winter but I will stop there. Now here is my closing and what I firmly believe is a very important point. Don’t do any of those activities until you have a plan in place. Part of the plan will be defining clearly what changes need to occur. For this it would be best to take some assessments. You should never start a workout program in the gym without first having an expert assess your current strengths, weaknesses and mobility. Simply spending the winter strengthening your core for example might be a waste of time if your mobility is limited. Likewise, making random changes to your putting stroke just because you think it looks or feels better could not only be a waste of time, it could make you worse! If you are going to work on making swing changes, make sure you are taking a coordinated approach where all the pieces fit together. Deciding to change your grip, posture and takeaway can be a great idea if all three of those pieces work together. If they do not, you will surely do more harm than good. So take time over the next month to assess what you want to achieve, have an expert help you. Take a full swing lesson to decide what you are going to work on this winter. Go see a putting expert to have your stroke evaluated. Reach out to Dr. Josh Brant who regularly contributes to this magazine for a mental strength assessment. Set up a time to have a physical assessment so your gym time is most productive. Next year can be the greatest golf season of your life! To make that a possibility, start the improvement process now. George Connor has been teaching and coaching golfers of all abilities since 1989. The two-time Connecticut PGA Teacher of the Year is based at Farmington Woods GC in Avon, CT. George’s student’s include Division 1 College Players, Professional Players, State Amateur Champions, Club Champions as well as beginners and intermediate players. CSGA Links // October, 2016 | 11