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THE COUNTY | 2017 North Maine Woods St. John Valley Central Aroostook THE FOUR REGIONS THAT MAKE UP THE COUNTY are found in and around the main travel corridors of US Route 1 to the east and Route 11, running straight through the Maine Woods. Southern Aroostook is where you will find Houlton, our county seat. It is also home to the Maine Visitor Center featuring the scale model of the planet Pluto in our model of the solar system. Visitors who make a right off of I-95 to arrive downtown at Houlton’s Historic Market Square will see what a warm and welcoming community this is. Attend one of the many community events that take place in town all year long. Visit the shops or grab a bite to eat. Houlton is within easy reach of many other parts of The County. Southern Aroostook The cities and towns in and around Central Aroostook are alive with activity. Here you will find the region’s largest hotels, the airport, colleges, hospitals, great places to dine, and easy access to outdoor recreation. The two primary communities of Presque Isle and Caribou, within an easy drive of each other, are home to The Nordic Heritage Center, Aroostook State Park, and the region’s largest and most colorful event, the Crown of Maine Balloon Festival. By far the largest area of The County, the North Maine Woods encompasses millions of acres to the west of the Route 11 corridor. There are very few organized communities here because of its remote location and massive swaths of timberland. Leaves lots of room for fun. Whether you hunt or fish, snowmobile, hike, snowshoe, spot wildlife, paddle, or simply like camping out, the North Maine Woods has been a coveted vacation destination for centuries. For more information about the regions of The County visit our website or call Judy at 888-216-2463. 6 Along the top of The County’s “Crown” visitors will find the St. John Valley, considered by many to be the cultural heart of the region. Following the St. John River from Fort Kent south and east to Van Buren and to the interior communities of St. Agatha, Portage Lake, and Eagle Lake, locals say “it’s different here,” and it is. There is an ease that comes when you are surrounded by this much natural beauty. When you visit the St. John Valley plan on feeling like you don’t want to go home anytime soon.