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THE COUNTY | 2017 MAP KEY The Million Dollar View St. John Valley Cultural Byway Fish River Scenic Byway Allagash Wilderness Waterway Border Crossing Sant Parks and Public Lands TOP STOPS THERE AND BACK IN THE REGION. A list of the top things to see and do if you only have a couple days to spend in The County. Starting your first day in the southern part of the region, traveling north on US Route 1, heading up through Central Aroostook and through the Saint John Valley to Fort Kent, where Route 1 begins or ends depending on how you look at it. For those with an eye for astronomy, make sure to stop and visit each of the planets in the solar system between Houlton and Presque Isle. St. Juste, QC Day two, head back south along Route 11 past myriad lakes and tributaries and through several lumber towns, and be rewarded with panoramic views of Mt. Katahdin. Clayton 1. Weston: The Million Dollar View 2. Houlton: The Market Square Historic District 3. Littleton: Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum 4. Easton: Francis Malcolm Science Institute 5. Presque Isle: Double Eagle II Balloon Landing Site 6. Caribou: The Nylander Museum of Natural History 7. New Sweden: The Maine Swedish Colony 8. Van Buren: Acadian Village 9. Lille: Musee culturel du Mont-Carmel 10. Madawaska: Four Corners Park 11. Fort Kent: America’s First Mile 12. Ashland: Ashland Logging Museum 13. Patten: Lumberman’s Museum 14. Island Falls: Webb Musem of Vintage Fashion DRIVING DISTANCES WITHIN AROOSTOOK Fort Kent to Caribou............. 45 miles Madawaska to Houlton........ 100 miles Houlton to Presque Isle......... 45 miles Presque Isle to Ashland.......... 22 miles Sherman to Fort Kent.......... 160 miles For more information about things to see and do in the region visit our website or call Judy at 888-216-2463. 60 60 Moosehead