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DINING IN THE COUNTY WE KNOW HOW TO EAT, from Acadian specialties like ploye and poutine, to unique northern Maine fare like deep-fried fiddleheads, to staples like steak and potatoes and pizza. As one of the nation’s major farmed-food producers, Aroostook County is also well situated to supply fresh produce, protein, and dairy products directly from farm to table—making the ingredients in our astounding variety of cuisines fresh as can be. You’ll find everything from unique private dining, complete with vintage silverware, at Canterbury Royalle in Fort Fairfield, to hearty clam shacks and brew pub fare. For “new American” food, try Eureka Hall Restaurant, featuring live music, in Stockholm. Drive, fly, float, or snowmobile to the Long Lake Sporting Club in Sinclair, offering incredible water views as you enjoy seafood and steak. Aroostook County’s remote nature makes our eateries all the friendlier and eager to share their individual cuisine, whether it’s at a suit-and-tie restaurant or a T-shirt-and-jeans burger joint. You’ll find traditional lobster dinners and overstuffed lobster rolls, along with seafood dishes like fried clams, scallops, and other creatures from the sea. Pop into a gastro-pub for homemade cheese sticks, Buffalo fingers, or the popular French-Quebec poutine—French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy—to accompany the latest craft brews like “Skidder Grease” stout. Visit a 1960s drive-in burger shack, then top things off at the homemade ice cream shop. A reliable entry to your gastronomic adventure will be the ploye. This French- Acadian pancake, featuring buckwheat flour, commonly replaces bread. Tradition calls for letting the batter sit before cooking to obtain the pancake’s distinctive texture. Dipping a ploye into a stew or cassoulet is a treat not to be missed! We bring fresh products straight from the farms that surround our communities to our kitchens. The same potatoes that make Aroostook County a national name are those on your plate. We grow the hops and malt that go into our brews and source local greens. And our chefs have fun building recipes that wonderfully showcase these local products. For more information about dining in the region visit our website or call Judy at 888-216-2463. 55