The County 2017 | Aroostook County Tourism - Page 48

THE COUNTY | 2017 IT’S NOT A PANCAKE, IT’S A PLOYE! In the French Acadian culture, ployes are the bread of choice. Made primarily with buckwheat flour, it looks like a pancake but is more of a flatbread. Once the batter is mixed, it’s left to sit a while to achieve some fermentation. Then it’s dropped onto a hot griddle. Heat causes the surface to become pocked and the edges to slightly curl. Unlike pancakes, ployes are not flipped. That gives the bottom a golden crunch and the top a tender chew. Many Aroostook County locals grew up eating ploye as a substitute for bread. It’s delicious for dipping into soups and stews. 70th Maine Potato Blossom Festival in Friendly Fort Fairfi eld, Maine July 8 - 16, 2017 46