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MUSEUMS & CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS THE WIDE VARIETY OF MUSEUMS IN THE COUNTY primarily focuses on the region’s diverse cultural heritage and history of agriculture and trades, but there are a few surprises as well. Find unique offerings like Fort Kent’s “first mile,” vintage fashion in Island Falls, and a monument in Presque Isle to the Double Eagle II, the first helium balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean. In Houlton stop at Pierce Park, and say hello to the Boy with the Leaky Boot statue. For natural history, try the Northern Maine Museum of Science at the University of Maine Presque Isle to explore marine and forest specimens, and the Nylander Museum of Natural History in Caribou, housing a wide array of geology, paleontology, flora, and fauna specimens. SOUTHERN AROOSTOOK CENTRAL AROOSTOOK Boy with the Leaky Boot Pierce Park, Houlton, One of only 27 such statues in the world. Ashland Logging Museum, Ashland, Local artifacts and blacksmith’s shop. Hancock Barracks, Houlton Housed troops during the Bloodless Aroostook War. Caribou Performing Arts Center, Caribou, Presenting local and national artists. Houlton Amphitheater, Monument Park, Houlton, Civil War monument, summer concerts and festivals. Webb Museum of Vintage Fashion, Island Falls, 150 years of fashion history. Aroostook County Historical & Art Museum, Houlton, Founded by Ransford W. Shaw in 1938. Southern Aroostook Agriculture Museum, Littleton, Keeping Maine’s agricultural heritage alive. Watson Settlement Bridge, Framingham Rd., Littleton, Maine’s northernmost covered bridge. Oakfield Railroad Museum, Oakfield, Historic passenger rail station. Patten Lumberman’s Museum, Patten, Preserving Maine’s rich logging history. A.B. Leavitt House, Sherman Mills, 1890 Gothic Revival mail-order architecture. McElwain House, Caribou, 1916 Colonial Revival architecture. Nylander Museum, Caribou, Local animal and early human collections. Rosie O’Grady Balloon of Peace Monument, Caribou, Site of first solo balloon flight across the Atlantic in 1984. Francis Malcolm Science Institute, Easton, Planetarium, science, and nature programs. Community Bandstand, Fort Fairfield, Beautiful gazebo-style bandstand. Friends Church, Fort Fairfield, Earliest church still remaining. * McIntosh Schoolhouse, Fort Fairfield, 1848 one-room schoolhouse. * Railroad Museum, Fort Fairfield, Locomotives and automobile collection. Blockhouse Museum, Fort Fairfield, Replica of original 19th-century fort. Covenant Church, New Sweden, Built in 1891. * Larsson-Noak Historic District, New Sweden, Collection of buildings constructed by Swedish immigrants. * Thomas Park, New Sweden, Ampitheater and Maypole. Double Eagle II Park, Presque Isle, Commemorates the first manned trans-Atlantic flight in a helium balloon. Northern Maine Museum of Science, Presque Isle, Science education and natural history materials. Presque Isle Air Museum, Presque Isle, Dedicated to those who served at the air base. ST. JOHN VALLEY Acadian Archives UMFK, Fort Kent, Acadian history, culture, and folklife. Blockhouse Museum, Fort Kent, Museum of Bloodless Aroostook War. Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel, Lille, Extensive collection of Acadian and Quebecois artifacts. Isaie and Scholastic Martin Acadian Homestead, Madawaska, Oldest active Acadian home in the area. Historic Governor Brann Schoolhouse, Van Buren, Carefully restored little red schoolhouse, managed by the National Park Service. Reed Art Gallery UMPI, Presque isle, Showcasing a variety of art by national and regional artists. Acadian Village, Van Buren, Seventeen original and replica buildings. Vera T. Estey House, Presque Isle, Upper middle class Victorian era home. * Historical Societies are listed on the following page. Tri-Cultural Museum, Stockholm, Dedicated to the area’s unique heritage of Swedish, French and English cultures. For more information on museums and cultural attractions in the region visit our website or call Judy at 800-216-2463. Benjamin C. Wilder 1852 Homestead & Agricultural Museum, Washburn, Mid 19th-century farmhouse. * Open by appointment only. 39